Chase United Club Card — the trick to get it free

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So the Chase United Club Card is a premium card similar to the American Express Platinum Card.  One of the key benefits is that you get free access to both United Airline Airport Clubs and USAir Airport Clubs and some others as well.  A great benefit of a card by the way.  There are a few ways to get the card for free for the first year.

Many of the features are the same with this card as others eg 1.5 points (miles) per dollar purchased and 2 miles per dollar of United ticket purchased.  The card also gives you free amenities and / or upgrades at specific resorts and hotels.  For a while now, those people who've been going to United Clubs (likely with either a friend or a free club pass or you have the annual pass) have been receiving a card that gives them a free year ($395 typically) of the card.  We've also added this to our Top Credit Cards list..

How to get the Chase United Club Card for free (of course nothing's ever 100%) there are a few ways that have worked for people:

  • Send a note to customer service asking if you can get the first year waived which matches their current promotion for people who get the coupons from the club.  <— This worked for me.
  • Get a coupon code at a United Club
  • Ask someone who has a free code (or codes) to share one with you.  There's a thread where people share codes on flyertalk.
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