American Express Platinum — is it worth $450??

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So I've had the American Express Platinum for quite a few years, but each year my wife asks me "why are we paying $450 for a credit card whenall of our other cards are free" (well its mostly…

the case as the Starwoods Amex has a small annual fee but its my go to favorite card.  I use the Platinum Amex to maximize a few key perks which in my mind are well worth it.  The foremost value is the free club access — this alone is worth $400+ each year.  I often fly UsAir and this card gives me free access to those clubs worldwide — but for those places you don't have a USAir club, you also get free access to other clubs via Priority Pass.

So, if that isn't worth it itself you also get the following:

  • Free $200 credit to use on the airline of your choice
  • Free gold upgrade at Starwoods Hotels.
  • Free $100 for Gloal Entry program if you sign up (it costs $100 but they credit it off).
  • Then there's purchase protection, etc etc that you see on other cards..

This card is easily worth $700+ if you add up the benefits and use them.  So my dear wife, it sure is worth it.


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